Retirement planning is not all about pensions! There are many options from which to generate an income post retirement;

  • Pensions: occupational schemes or private pension plans
  • Rental Income
  • Sale of business
  • Downsizing family home
  • Inheritance
  • Accumulated investments
  • Working part-time

It is recognised that there are three stages to retirement, and each stage has a different financial demand;

    • Active Stage: Going on those world tours you dreamed about
    • Passive: Less energetic but still in good health and living independently
    • Care: Your health may not be as good, and you may be in need of care

The first step in retirement planning is to identify when you intend to retire. Secondly, it is the pleasant task of creating a vision in your mind of how you would love to live this Active Stage. The type of lifestyle you envisage will determine the level of income you require. So, is it that world cruise? Or buying the holiday home in the South of France? Or, simply enjoying a relaxed life amongst family and friends.

Once your goals are established, we can identify the amount of money you will need to meet them. This will be in addition to the existing income options and investments that you already have. We will identify the most tax efficient way of making up the shortfall between now and retirement.

Your job is to come up with the vision, our job will be to help you achieve it through a comprehensive, effective financial Plan.