Our Approach – No two clients are the same, so no two investment solutions should be the same.

One size doesn’t fit all, yet all too often we meet people who have been “shoe horned” into the wrong investment. An ill fitting investment will be uncomfortable at best or it would lead to permanent and irrevocable damage to your hard earned money.

Our philosophy and approach are different. We listen to you.

What are your life goals, in the short term and into the future? Once we establish what you need from your investment and your investment profile then we can deliver a tailored solution which fits you and your individual needs

We take great pride in being able to offer a unique, bespoke solution to each client by using cutting edge technology that establishes your financial “personality” , and marries this with your identified goals and time horizons. The end result is a portfolio that is;

  • Completely in line with your specific needs,
  • Offering direct access to the full range of international funds,
  • Well diversified – by asset class and geographical location
  • Tax efficient- designed to meet your needs,
  • Cost effective and transparent
  • Regularly re-balanced to ensure the portfolio remains within agreed parameters

In short, we will ensure that a client’s money works for them in a way that matches their needs, and in a structure with which they are totally comfortable and confident. We treat you like a family member.